Need demolition services, but don't know where to start?

Never fear, Dr. Demo is here!

*Dr. Demo supplies roll-off trucks for clean-up and hauling of all debris*

Residential Demo Services in La Jolla, CA

We provide different types of roofing demolition, anything from complete roof tear-off to partial roof removal. The sky is literally the limit.

The image of a home in La Jolla, CA, that had residential demo services

Concrete Removal

Our concrete removal services include all concrete types, including removal slabs and foundations. If there is anything Dr. Demo seeks to destroy, it’s concrete!

Stucco Removal

Dr. Demo is keen on stucco removal. We use a turbo blade at a high RPM; we break down the stucco and remove it from the structure.

Full-Strip Demolition

Out with the old, in with the new! We can strip a structure down to the framing completely or partially.

Full Scrape Demolition

Need an entire building removed? No worries, we’ll scrape it out of there! We take down residential, commercial buildings and foundations. We do mechanical and/or hand wrecking with our professionally trained crews and in-house heavy equipment.

Tenant Improvement

Dr. Demo provides opportunities for commercial remodeling through tenant improvement. We implement Interior demolition to give your building or space a fresh start.